Draw Bull 10

Step 10: Now learn how to draw the bull's eye. Draw the eye on the lower left side of the head using the lines as guides for placement. The shape of the eye is similar to a greater-than sign (>) with an arc to the left of it for the eyeball. Shade the inside of the eyeball except for a tiny circle to represent glare. Bulls have horizontally oriented pupils, so add a bar-like shape with a darker value in the middle of the eye. Draw some lines around the eye for extra detail.

Draw Bull 11

Step 11: Draw the bull's nose on the tip of the arc at the bottom. It's basically a curved line with some value inside of it.

Draw Bull 12

Step 12: Draw the rest of the bull's muzzle using the arc as a guide. Follow the basic path of the arc as you draw the muzzle and add a few more bumps to the shape. Add a small line to the right for the lower lip.

Draw Bull 13

Step 13: Use the line at the top as a guide to draw the bull's first horn. Follow the path of the guide line as you draw the horn. Make the base thick and the front pointy. Use this shape as a template to draw the horn on the other side. You can make the horns longer if you'd like.

Draw Bull 14

Step 14: Use the arc on the right side as a guide to draw the bull's ear. Draw a few lines inside the shape for the inner ear structure and fur.
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